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trūFUSION yoga

A yin-yang fusion yoga class that starts by gently moving, flowing, and breathing through the stagnant spots of your body. Utilizing your bodies beautiful ability to expand and support. We will then flow right down into a yummy yin class, holding stretches that lengthen and release tension from the body. Bring a blanket and any props to suit your needs.

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trūGRAVITY yoga

Dig deep into your body as you get one step closer to stress relief, joint release, muscular balance and functional mobility. 

With long passive holds, in specific poses. we will work through stiff backs, locked-up hips, tight hamstrings, and tense shoulders to achieve maximum results.

Let gravity aid you to achieve your goals.

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trūZen Yoga

A beautiful was to finish your week and recharge for the new week ahead! Breathe, relax, stretch, restore with this Yin yoga class! Find YOUR truZen.

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Dance / Fitness

trū BARREnone

Blending dance, Pilates and strength techniques to  work your whole body. Using small, isometric movements to tone, lengthen and fire up those legs, abs and arms and adding resiatance bands and light weights to intensify the burn. This is a great low impact class for all levels and abilities.

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trū IGNITE Pilates

tru IGNITE is a seamless blend of Pilates and Barre inspired movements that will leave your  muscles sizzling. This class uses precise body weight exercises with high reps to develop core strength, tone arms and legs, and build up your booty. This workout is mat based and may incorporate small props such as bands, light weights and a squishy ball. Come prepared to work hard, have fun and feel the burn.

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This low intensity class is geared to strengthen, tone and shape. Rather than lifting heavy weights or running for miles, this class aims to keep you long, lean and toned. Focus on booty and core with arms and legs also in the mix. Light hand weights and resistance bands may be used. 

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Kids Classes

Kids Dance Classes

We are super excited to launch our kids classes! Registration opens on March 8th, go to our App and sign up today!

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